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How can I pay for my purchases?

You can make payments using credit bank cards: Mastercard, Visa, and Troy. Our website ensures the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality for your personal and bank details; find more about Privacy Policy.

How do you protect my card information?

Your credit card information is sent to the bank in an encrypted way and is not kept on our website unless you prefer to save your financial information in your account on the website for later shopping transactions after notifying you and taking your confirmation to do so.

Do you accept installment sale?

We do not accept installment sale, you can check the option of buying as installments with your bank.

How Long Does a Credit Card Refund Take?

If your order is canceled before shipping, your amount will be refunded within a period not exceeding 48 hours.

If your order has been shipped, the product must be returned as the money will be returned to your bank account 48 hours after returning the product.